Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flash Burnout

Flash Burnout
by L.K. Maidigan

15 year old Blake wants to be a photographer, his specialty being gritty photos. In fact, he takes a picture of a homeless woman passed out in an alley. While showing it in class, his classmate and friend Marissa reacts with recognition: this is her addict mother, and the photo spurs the friendship to a new level, which creates an obvious conflict with his girlfriend. When Marissa’s mother is later believed to be dead, the two find the common connection of sex as a result of dealing with death.

Unfortunately there are other circumstances and events that lead Blake to understand the unintended consequences of his actions.

Blake’s parents are wonderful and real and funny- his dad works as a coroner- rife for jokes. Blake also wants to be a comedian and is constantly trying his one-liners on everyone, often getting a laugh from readers as well.

A best read for this year!

Recommended for readers in high school to adult due to mature themes and sexual content.

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