Thursday, July 29, 2010


Graceling by Kristin Cashore

People in Katsa's world who have two differently-colored eyes are "graced": they have a special, magical talent. Some have a grace for cooking, others for training horses, and still others have a grace for foretelling the weather. Katsa's grace for killing was discovered at the age of eight, when she fatally smashed the nose bone of an inappropriate uncle into the man's brain. Since then, her uncle the King has honed Katsa's talent and exploited her ability to bully and punish his adversaries.

Unknown to the King, however, Katsa and her friends have formed a secret council which works to overthrow the corruption of power. While on a secret mission for the Council, Katsa finally finds a person with a grace that might possibly be a match for her own: Prince Po, who apparently has a grace for fighting. Katsa and Po journey together on a mission to rescue Po's beloved grandfather...a journey that becomes more perilous, and more enlightening, with every page.

Well-written, exciting, and romantic fiction recommended for readers ages 12 and up. No cussing, the fighting is relatively "clean," and all the sex is tactfully taken offstage.

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