Monday, November 8, 2010

The Espressologist

The Espressologist by Kristina Springer

17-year-old barista Jane Turner has a theory: people's personalities are reflected by their coffee drinks, and she keeps a notebook to keep track of her observations to support the theory.

Medium Iced Vanilla Latte
Smart, sweet and gentle. Sometimes soft-spoken but not a doormat. A good friend...

One day it occurs to Jane that a person who drinks a medium iced vanilla latte would be a great romantic match with a person who loves to drink a medium dry cappucino.

Medium Dry Cappuccino
Smart and simple....A little timid and soft-spoken but probably a powerhouse if ever tested. A good friend.

Thus, Jane invents a new "science" (which also happens to be a terrific marketing tool for the coffeeshop where she works): Espressology.

Soon, Jane is busy matching up hopeful singles by comparing their coffee preferences, with remarkable success. But will she ever find a romantic match of her own?

No sex or cussing or bloodshed, but a few kisses and a LOT of caffeine-induced drama. Readers (mostly girls) ages 14 and up will enjoy this cute, funny, frothy book.

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