Thursday, January 13, 2011


Identical by Ellen Hopkins

Raeanne and Kaeleigh are the identical twin daughters of a Superior Court judge and his wife. When a horrible accident nearly kills the entire family, the wife runs for Congress, creating an absence for the family--both in their home and their hearts.

In her mother's absence, Kaeleigh becomes the object of her father's sexual attention. Raeanne begins abusing drugs and alcohol, and laments that her father doesn't love her because she gets none of his attention. Kaeleigh begins to cut and becomes bulimic. This is a pit so deep it seems impossible to find a way out.

This novel is so agonizing that readers are almost soothed by the fact that it is told in blank verse. Anything more would be too hard to read.

Because of the incest, the drugs, and the sheer horror of the novel, it is best placed in the hands of kids in grade 10 and up. (MJH)

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