Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Geek Fantasy Novel

Geek Fantasy Novel  by E. Archer
Geek-boy Ralph joins his British cousins on a series of mad quests through twisted fairy-tale landscapes populated by a wicked sorceress, thousands of enslaved sparkle-flinging fairies, and some bunnies that belch fire.

Fun, right?


Despite forcing myself to read half the book, I never actually believed that Ralph is a geek (using a cell phone to send a text message is not tremendously geeky, honestly).  The soceress (who also sells aerobic equipment on cable TV) is unconvincing.  The quests are random and nonsensical--not in a hilarious, mind-bending  "Monty Python" way, but more in a "I wrote this book in a month and then didn't do anything else with it" way.

The bunnies really do belch fire, but only for a page or two.

For best results, I recommend that readers just pick up a copy of the book, look at the terrific cover art, read the amusing blurb on the back, and then read something else.  Because truthfully, this review of the book is funnier than the book itself.

Not recommended.

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