Thursday, August 4, 2011


After  by Amy Efaw
When Devon's mother finds her home from school on the couch, she is delighted:  with her job schedule, she doesn't have much time to spend with her daughter.  When the police arrive to ask questions about a newborn baby found in the trash nearby, Devon's mom would rather flirt with the officer and ignore his question.  When the policeman questions Devon, however, he notices blood on the sofa...and everything falls apart.

Devon has been pregnant, hiding the fact from everyone with bulky clothes and jogging pants.  Most of all, she hides it from herself.  She is in a complete denial that becomes very believable.  Devon is an honor student and a top soccer player.  Everyone around her accepts her easy lies.  The trial that follows allows Devon to go back in time to the first sexual encounter that led to the pregnancy, and to the horrible re-enactment of the birth. It is this scene that will place the book squarely in the hands of more mature readers. 

A complex book, full of suspense, and a realistic plot will keep readers going.  Devon't character will pull readers in; certainly the subject matter will foster endless discussions.  Not to be missed.  Flash-back sex scenes handled well; violent birthing scene; ages 14 up

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