Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Long, Long, Sleep

A Long, Long Sleep  by Anna Sheehan

Technically, Rosalinda Fitzroy is 16 years old, however, she was born nearly 100 years ago.  Locked away in chemically-induced slumber inside a stasis tube, Rose peacefully slept through the Dark Times that killed millions of people and left her orphaned...and heir to the enormous UniCorp fortune.  Now that she's been kissed awake by the handsome Brendan, Rose must find her place in a world that is completely different from everything she has ever known.

This fresh retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story goes beyond a simple recasting of an old tale into a science fiction framework.  Rose is a fully-realized character with deep flaws that she tries desperately to hide from the world, including herself.  The futuristic world, ruled by mega-corporations like UniCorp, is just possible enough to be frightening, as well as fascinating. 

Cuss words have changed in the future, so they are not offensive to 21st century readers.  There is a very tactful incidence of Star Trek sex, so smoothly written that I almost missed it entirely. 

Recommended for readers ages 14 to adult. 

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