Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You Against Me

You against me by Jenny Downham

Mikey and his sister Karyn are trying to hold their life together in a poor section of a sea town in England.  Mikey is the major source of income from his job as a cook and general  clean-up at a pub, while Karyn helps with their alcoholic mother and 10 year old sister.

Things fall apart when fifteen-year-old  Karyn says she has been raped at a party and refuses to leave the house, or even participate in life.  Vowing revenge, Mikey crashes a party at the home of the accused rapist, only to fall for the boy's sister, Ellie.  Life is messy for everyone, especially Ellie’s relationship with her parents, her adored brother, and now Mikey. Is Ellie reacting to her parents?  To Mikey?

She is unsure what she should do.  She gave a statement to the police,but what did she actually see the night of the incident?  This is a complicated, interesting look at what rape is and how we, girls, boys,brothers, sisters, and parents, react. All the characters are very
The ending is flawed  by its need to be too positive, and leaves us with many more questions about the upcoming  trial. Some sex scenes, tastefully handled.  --MJH

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