Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hemlock  by Kathleen Peacock

Mackenzie (Mac) has always had three best friends: Amy and Jason are a couple and the richest kids in town.  Kyle rounds out the foursome, and while he and Mac are not a couple, they both have had thoughts in that direction.  Then Amy is killed by a werewolf.  Since her father is the state senator, he brings in a mercenary army to track and kill the werewolf- and find and trap any other werewolf-citizens. 

In fact, before his daughter was killed, the senator was of the opinion that werewolves could live safely among us.  Jason, however, is  totally devastated and joins the mercenaries, getting the first level tattoo and spouting the “party line” all the way.  Mac, despondent over her best friend, and fearful of the way Jason is acting, sets out to find the killer herself, finding many surprises in a town of many werewolves hiding now to save their lives. Amy keeps appearing to Mac to help her, first in her dreams, then while she is awake. 

Is no one telling the truth in the entire town?  With lots of plot twists and at least two sequels planned, we are in for more surprises.

Kissing, longing, some violence.  13 up.

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