Friday, March 15, 2013

Confessions of a Murder Suspect

Confessions of a Murder Suspect  by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

Tandoori "Tandy" Angel and her brothers aren't sure that they loved their super-rich, super-demanding, super-strict parents Malcolm and Maud Angel. 

Maybe they did, maybe they didn't.

They aren't sure their parents loved them, either.

Either way, Malcolm and Maud are dead.

There are only a few suspects in the murder case.  Tandy is one of them.  And she's not entirely sure she's innocent.

This is a quick-moving narrative with Patterson's signature short chapters.  Lots of suspicicious behavior and lots of red herrings make a page-turning murder mystery with plenty of teen appeal.  Although the author's website lists Confessions as a stand-along book, there are enough left-over clues on the final page to keep a series running for a few years.

Sexual situations are implied and entirely off-page.  On-page violence is mostly minor (a ten year old boy uses a baseball bat as a weapon).  Cussing is mild and infrequent.  A fun, fast read for ages 12 to adult.

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