Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Hexed  by Michelle Krys
​Indigo Blackwood fits all the Los Angeles stereotypes: chirpy cheerleader,  girlfriend of the Football Hero, blah blah blah.  Here's what you don't know about Indie, because she doesn't know it either:  she's a witch.  And that weird book her mom is so obsessed with?  It's a Witch Hunting book that has to be kept safe, or all the witches and warlocks in the world will be endangered from a group of wicked rival sorcerers.

Oh, please.

Buffy, meet Mean Girls.  Cute characters and some fun conversations almost save this from the circular file, but not quite.  The drama leaps around randomly, significant hostages are killed without warning, and then suddenly the main characters are being chased by a dragon through the sewer--which is, apparently, a great time to strip naked and suck face with the hunky warlock guy.

No, really.  

First in a series.  But, why?

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