Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Last Kiss

My Last Kiss   by Bethany Neal                     
978-0-374-35128                   Farrar, Straus, 2014                        $17.99                      

In the prologue, Cassidy relives her first kiss with Ethan.  

In the first chapter we find out that Cassidy is now dead, looking up at the silhouette on the bridge (the killer?) and her mangled body on the rocks below.  

Cassidy is now a ghost, visiting the important people in her life, unable to communicate.  Except for Ethan.  They can talk and Ethan can see her.  

Problem #1:  Cassidy was cheating on Ethan and her last kiss was with Caleb, not Ethan.

Problem #2:  Cassidy doesn’t remember what happened that night on the bridge, or who was there with her.

Problem #3:  everyone thinks Cassidy’s death was a suicide.  

Together, Cassidy and Ethan set out to find out what happened and set the record straight.  Even if it is painful for Ethan.  Even if it means that Cassidy will “solve her problem and leave the world of ghosts.”

Of course there is kissing!  The rest is mystery- and understanding relationships, the underlying real theme.  For readers 12 and up (unless the drinking is a problem...)

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