Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jumper : Griffin's Story

Jumper : Griffin's Story by Steven Gould

Griffin O'Connor has a secret: he can jump--teleport--anywhere in the world he has visited before. His parents attempted to keep Griffin's talent hidden, but when he was only nine years old, a secret organization killed his parents and tried to kill him. He barely escaped the assassins, and went into hiding...until he decided it was time to avenge his parents.

Breakneck-paced action and adventure, sweet romance without a happily-ever-after-ending, and even more fast action. This book was written as a companion to the film, and there are major differences in the world of Griffin and the world described by David in this author's original books Jumper and Reflex.

No cussing; some off-page sex and violence. This is a fun, quick read and will appeal to readers ages 14 to adult who enjoy action/adventure series such as Alex Ryder (Horowitz) and Maximum Ride (Patterson) as well as those who enjoyed the film Jumper.

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