Friday, March 12, 2010

Fat Cat

Fat Cat : a novel by Robin Brande

Cat's goals: Win the science fair, and beat her former-science-buddy Matt McKinney in the process.

Her topic: The measurable physical changes resulting from returning an overweight American teen to a more primitive lifestyle, including eschewing technology like computers and cell phones, avoiding modern transportation options like cars, busses and bicycles, and eating only simple and unprocessed food.

The result: Formerly fat science geek girl loses weight, gains muscle, stretches her imagination, and learns more about science -- and people -- than she realized could be possible from a single experiment.

Cat's candid narration wryly chronicles the changes in her body and outlook through the experiment. This is not a "get skinny and get the guy" book--it's much more fun than that. Read it for the characters, read it for the relationships, and read it for the poetry. Just read it for the fun of it.

A few hot kisses but no nekkidness, no cussing, and no violence. Recommended for ages 12 to adult.

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