Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Tired of the Twilight hoopla?

Try this- Grace has always been drawn to the wolves, even as a six year old when she was pulled into their pack to be eaten- only to be saved by “her wolf.” When they finally meet, the romance just sizzles.

The characters are wonderfully drawn and alive. The plot is complex, and the sequel Tremor Linger will be out in July.

While there is no sex in the first novel, we can only hope for the second!

This is Mary Jo's review of Shiver. To read Aarene's review of the same book, click HERE.


  1. Normally I don't comment on reviews, but I sort of felt I ought to on this one because of the topic of your blog . . . there IS sex in Shiver!

  2. Okay, Maggie, now you've done it: I've got a billion things to do this week but I'm going to set everything aside and read Shiver so I can find the sex that Mary Jo missed when she wrote her review.

    (I'd start reading this evening but the book is sitting on my desk at work. Tomorrow will have to suffice.)

    Watch this space for another review--soon!


  3. Haha, Aarene -- I thought I was subtle, but not THAT subtle . .

  4. Following up (seven years later, my how the time flies, we must be having such fun!):

    My esteemed Ms Stiefvater, not only did I find the sex in Shiver, and write an "oops" post (http://bit.ly/2ub8YkA) we included this exchange in our Sex in the Library book as an example of beautifully subtle writing.

    Now, can we PLEASE talk about a sequel (or something) to Scorpio Races?


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