Saturday, August 14, 2010

We *heart* Victoria BC

We'd like to thank the organizing committee of the PNLA/WLA conference of librarians in Victoria BC this past weekend for putting on a terrific shindig.

We'd also like to thank all the librarians who showed up for our program, asked questions, and proudly wore the "I HAD SEX IN THE LIBRARY TODAY" badges after.

We brought a huge box of the most fascinating, exciting, controversial

and passionate new books written for teen audiences.

Here are a few photos from our journey:

The view from our bathroom window at the Empress.

In the morning, there was tapping at the window. "Hey lady!"

I was hoping that the gull was there to deliver my Hogwarts letter, or at least The Daily Prophet. But no. He just wanted some cashews and cranberries.
Ah, well. The window was a good place to finish reading a few more books for our presentation.
Out in the harbor, we saw dragonboat races!

Around the edge of the harbour, we saw live music and met craftspeople.
We saw the horse-drawn carriages (the horse photo is here for the benefit of the readers of my other blog!)

I saw beautiful flowers at the Buchart Gardens. and, of course, enjoyed the food.
Thanks again, everyone!

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