Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Between  by Jessica Warman

Elizabeth Valchar is one of the1%.  She is very wealthy, has a great rich boyfriend, and of course, she's very popular.  She even has her 18th birthday party on the family’s yacht, waking up after midnight having
had too much alcohol and marijuana.  As she stumbles around the deck to identify the source of the noise that woke her, Liz notices a dead body floating in the water...wearing the clothes she now has on; with
the hugely expensive boots she had to have. 

The only person who can see and talk to her is Alex, a kid from her class who died a year ago.   Liz doesn’t remember much of the last year of her life, let alone the last night of her life.  Thus begins Liz and Alex’ journey to discover who they really are as events materialize surrounding both deaths.

While a few of the characters are two dimensional, there is much to discover (and develop opinions) about Liz’s friends. The novel veers close to being “Peyton Place,” but there is also a depth of character that brings us closer to understanding the individuals, and exposes our own reader prejudices even as stereotypes of Liz and her friends are exposed.

Kissing; sexual situations; some violence.  13 up.

This is Mary Jo's review.  To review Aarene's review of Between, click HERE.

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