Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Rotten  by Michael Northrop
JD returns from a summer "upstate" and discovers that, while he was gone, his mom has adopted a rottweiller from the local animal shelter's death row.  JD has some issues with authority, and the dog--named Johnny Rotten, after the lead singer of the Sex Pistols--has some issues of his own.  Both the guy and the dog could use a break.
JD tries so hard to be cool, but his friends (and the reader) will easily discern the truth about his feelings, especially when they find out where JD really spent his summer.
This quick-reading compelling contemporary narrative will mostly appeal to guys. Details about re-training a rescue dog are realistic, and the author earns a star for including these details without quoting extensively from Cesar Milan. 
Some cussing and "classic boy potty humor," references to off-page fighting, and a bit of yearning for a certain pretty girl who happens to like dogs.
Recommended for ages 12 to adult.

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