Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sweet Peril

Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins

Maybe we should just start skipping the middle novel in a series?

Sweet Peril picks up where Sweet Evil ended.  Anna is still pining for Kaiden, who keeps her at arm’s length. 

 The only new piece of information is that Anna is “the one.”  The one nephilim that will end the reign of the dukes and send them to hell, releasing the nephilim to live their own lives.  For this they must have allies, and Anna spends the rest of the book finding and aligning them.  The end. 

Gone is the sexy, steamy interplay between Kaiden and Anna, replaced by the fact that Anna now has to remain a virgin if she is to wield the sword of truth. (which won’t be wielded until the third book!)  With that knowledge, the tension is simply gone.  There are some interesting scenes between the two but Anna’s choice is not real as it was in the first book, and this unspoken necessity makes the scenes more boring. 

That said, there is plenty of action, including further understanding of Kopano, traveling with her to find nephilim who will aid them.  And if you loved the first book, you will still want to read this one.  But do it quickly to get to the real ending!

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