Thursday, November 21, 2013

Vixen (Flappers series)

The Vixen (Flappers series) by Jillian Larkin

Three girls, three spoiled socialites, one very restrictive era.

Gloria, seventeen, wealthy, engaged to wealthy, sexy Sebastian.  She seems to have it all.  But of course she doesn’t.  From seeking out speakeasies to falling in love with a Black jazz player, Gloria becomes the stereotype of the independent flapper without regard for consequences.

Lorraine, best friend of Gloria would do just about anything to have Marcus pay attention to her, but he only has eyes for Clara.  What is a woman without a man?  Booze becomes Lorraine’s best friend.

Clara, Gloria’s cousin is sent to Chicago after an unmentionable scandal. As a former very accomplished flapper, she now has to play the “country bumpkin” cousin.  

Of course the mob controls the speakeasy nightclubs, and graft and corruption abound. Especially with people you would not suspect.  Isn’t that always the case?  

The era comes alive, and the feeling of being trapped abounds, not only for the girls, but also with the musicians, the nightclub owners, the people who need to stay in high society, even the younger mobsters!  Freedom is not independence.  

This is a fast and fun read with some historical understanding.  Secrets and intrigue and booze and mobsters.  And some very real growing up.

One minor pique:  the clothes here are highlighted often, which makes the cover a bit off.  With every other attention to details of the 1920s, this is odd.

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