Friday, September 6, 2013

Drink, Slay, Love

Drink Slay Love by  Sarah Beth Durst

Of course this is a vampire romance.  Of course you don’t need another gutsy-comedic-teenage heroine.  Except you do.  Pearl is truly a unique find.  

Pearl comes from a long line of vampires.  She is a “born,” not “made” vampire.  Her parents expect a lot from her.  They don’t expect her to claim that she was stabbed by a unicorn as she was about to “snack” on her favorite ice-cream guy.   

Except it did happen.   

Now she can apparently cope with daylight.  This is not a desired trait in the vampire world; it seems more than a little traitorous.  

Pearl uses her new skill to her advantage to set up a “feast” for the incoming vampire king:  a whole horde of teenagers during prom night.  

Except that the closer they get to prom, the more she feels that she is beginning to “care” for other people, which is also not a desirable vampire trait. And she still sees “Mr. Sparkly-and-Pointy”- what does he want and why can’t she catch him?

Of course there are stereotypes;  of course Evan is too good to be true (we ARE reading about vampires…) 

Of course you see the plot twists coming.  That may just have been planned.  

The geek connection, while formula,  is hilarious.

The story is fresh, fun, and full of great lines.  Say yes to this vampire/unicorn/romance, and then go read Durst’s more serious books.

Ages 12 and up.

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