Friday, September 6, 2013


Period.8 by Chris Crutcher

Period 8 is an optional class period where students join a group under the direction of  “Logs,”  the outstanding teacher character for this book.  

It is a place where anything can be said, and nothing travels outside the room.  Period.  Period 8 Period.

Then, Mary Wells goes missing.  Then there are betrayals. And lies.

This is also a story where Hannah sees the world in black and white.  And where Paulie always tells the truth, no matter who gets hurt. So many absolutes, so little time.

Like all Crutcher books, once you begin to examine people as individuals, there is so much more to the story.

Mary Wells (called the Virgin Mary) has a freakish father; Arney is a master manipulator (or future politician); Logs is a teacher about to retire and is ambiguous about leaving kids.  

And as with all Crutcher books, nuances surround everyone.  

Of course nothing is black and white, in real life, and definitely not in Crutcher books.  And of course, there are still lots of loose ends…decisions still to be made….

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