Friday, September 6, 2013

If I Should Die

If I Should Die by Amy Plum

“If I should die…,”  I begin to say.  

Vincent cuts me off.  “Stop Kate!”  And then he sighs and his shoulders hunch slightly.  He knows it’s dishonest to pretend we’re all going to make it out alive.  He shuts his eyes and when he opens them, he looks resolute. 

“Whatever happens, remember that I will love you forever,” he says.  “Even if my spirit is dispersed and my consciousness released to the universe…."

We all wanted the romance.  We got the romance.  

In this third book in the Revenant trilogy, we see the champion revealed, Paris (mostly) freed from the numa, several romances, and a few tragedies.

But wait, wasn’t Vincent dead and burned, never to return from Violette’s clutches?  Not so fast, my friend.  Kate just doesn’t give up that easily.  On anything, including whether she is ready for sex.  But that’s jumping ahead just a bit.

Reanimating Vincent takes a turn toward necromancy, which is downright nauseating.  Is he back really?  

Secrets are revealed about nearly every character that keep readers guessing or nodding if their suspicions were correct.  The definition of the minor characters was one focus that solidified the story.

Defeating Violette is harder, but the battle could have been bloodier, and we thank Plum for keeping it to a minimum.

We didn’t like Book 1 very much, but Book 2 was wonderful and made it into the Sex in the Library book.  Book 3 was a pleasure.

Truly Kate has many surprises for us, making her one gutsy heroine and a book that is hard to put down. 

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