Saturday, May 3, 2014

Since You Asked

Since You Asked  by Maurene Goo

Holly Kim is the stereotypical Korean girl:  skinny and shy with long black hair; expected to make the best grades, get into the best college.  She fights back, refusing to do the “dress up for first day of school” thing, and associating with a variety of best friends. (the “one of these, one of those…”)

She is also a copy editor for the school newspaper.  On the first day, a bored Holly edits a story sarcastically as a “real world” version of the saccharine line put out by a senior; then accidentally files it instead of the real story.   Despite the trouble she incurs from the principal, her one-time column becomes a sort of “tell-all” hit.  The snarky column spins off reader responses to high school life, dances, and Asian Americans. 
Although predictable, with little plot, Holly is witty and funny, and a good read.  She ultimately breaks through the stereotypes to become a real teen (at times whiny, rude, and rebellious).   

Series probably?
Recommended 12 up.

Cussing- oh yes!

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