Saturday, May 3, 2014

The F*** It List

The F*** It List   by Julie Halpern
As our story opens, Alex is at her dad’s funeral when she learns that her very best friend forever, Becca, is having sex with Alex’s boyfriend.  Never mind that Alex really knows he is a jerk, this just isn’t BFF behavior.  Alex decides to avoid Becca for the remainder of the summer.

As their senior year opens, Alex finds out from another girl that Becca is not at school because she has cancer, Hodgkin's lymphoma.  After school, Alex rekindles the BFF status with Becca, only to find that Becca, while hopeful for a cure, also has a bucket list, which they rename. (see the title)  

The catch:  since Becca won't be able to complete her list, Alex must now complete the list on behalf of Becca.

The list contains some easy items, like #7  Eat a hot pepper.  (in a charming scene with Alex’s younger brothers).

But it also contains some more interesting items like #20:  Masturbate  and #23:  Make love with someone you love and who’s in love with you.  

Along the way, Alex meets Leo, fortunately, a boy who smokes (#30:  Kiss a boy who smokes) who brings some harsh reality to Alex, who has still not really dealt with the death of her father, let alone the fact that her best friend might be dying.
The silly premise actually works into a very sweet book about two friends dealing with lots of high school issues in unusual ways.  It is funny, sad, and since it is high school, angsty.  Alex is not a heroine.  She is self-centered, tactless, and abrasive.  We love her as we watch her grow up.  Perhaps not an award winner, but a great summer read. 

One pique:  why aren’t these teens at least talking about unprotected sex????

Recommended 15 up.

Cussing (lots!) death, grieving, kissing, masturbation, sexual situations, star trek sex,

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