Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Taking

The Taking by Kimberly Derting                            

At sixteen , Kyra is a star softball pitcher.  In the car after the championship game, she has a fight with her father.  Running down the street, she sees a flash and is blinded.  The next thing she remembers is waking up next to a dumpster, still in uniform.  When she makes her way home, she finds strangers in the house- a man and little boy.  Although she runs into the house, calling for her mother, she is forcible removed by the man.  

Across the street is Kyra’s boyfriend’s house.  They have a serious relationship, so it is a natural place to go for comfort.  As she goes in the back door, she runs into the arms of her boyfriend, Austin.  Except that it isn’t Austin, it’s his younger brother, Tyler who looks a lot like him. Tyler was twelve last time she saw him. 
In fact, five years have elapsed.  Kyra still feels sixteen.  The world however, has gone on, and lives have been changed.  Her boyfriend Austin, now in college, has become involved with her best friend, Cat.  Her parents are divorced since her father is now and alcoholic, spending full time trying to understand what he believes is an alien abduction.  Her mother remarried, and the man and boy in Kyra’s house are the new husband and son.
In trying to make sense of it all, Kyra has to understand the missing time.  In a growing relationship with now seventeen-year-old Tyler,  Kyra is approached by other missing and returned teens as well as men in black suits from the government. 

First in a series where we will most likely encounter more aliens and chase scene after chase scene now that they are discovered.

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