Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Blessed by Cynthia Leitich Smith

The 3rd book in the “Tantalize” series returns to Quincie’s story, after taking a wrong turn in the second book, Eternal.

Quincie has struck a bargain with Brad (“the Impaler”) Sanguini, who had turned her into a vampire:  she will suck Kieren’s blood, but  stop in time.  If she does this, Brad will leave.  And although this did happen, Brad is still inside her mind.  Quincie goes to live with Kieren's parents when he leaves to futher his werewolf education, but people pop into her life to help her. In particular Zachary- the guardian angel from Eternal-  arrives to be Quincie's Guardian Angel in an attempt to save her immortal soul.  This is still possible, because she IS only a neophyte.  Remember Quincie P. Morris from Stoker’s Dracula?   There is now great interplay with that original Dracula, as Brad is slowly becoming that “Dracula Prime.”  

Coincidentally, anyone who ate the “baby squirrel” dish from Tantalize has also been “blessed,” and will turn into a vampire in 3 weeks.  Quincie now has to save those folks as well.

This is the “Bella/Jacob” relationship that fans of Twilight wanted, featuring Quincie as a much stronger heroine who still has problems fighting the thrall of Brad.  Clyde, the were-possum, returns to this book as its semi-hero.   Overall the story is improbable, but great fun.  At times pretty gruesome (these are still vampires)  Welcome back, Quincie!

Recommended for readers age 13 and up; kissing, grinding, allusions to sex, but no body-parts on the page.

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