Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Million Suns  by Beth Revis

This sequel to Across the Universe, continues the saga of Godspeed, the ship carrying 2000 people and 300 earthlings in suspended animation to Centauri-Earth.

At the end of the first book, Elder and Amy had just defeated Eldest, the clone who was the leader of the ship, and learned that they were not going to land at all and had, in fact, been in space for centuries already.  We now take a dramatic turn again, with new findings that threaten everyone’s life.  Orion, now in suspended animation himself, has left Amy clues about the new reality of the ship, urging her, as both an earthling and shipmate, to make the right decision as a result of her findings.  16-year-old Elder is having immense problems ruling the ship, with hourly information that makes good decisions critical.  The people, now without the phydus drug that kept them cooperative-but-mindless, are now in rebellion.  Murders keep happening.  The clues left by Orion for this critical time are an odd plot device for this novel, but do keep the reader interested, as any mystery would.  There seems to be little character development in either Elder or Amy, who appear to have learned no lessons from Across the Universe, and their romance seems to be on hold.  

There is a planned 3rd novel; perhaps it will return to the style and excitement of Across the Universe.

Recommended for readers ages 12 to adult; contains  kissing and an off-screen rape.

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