Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Insurgent  by Veronica Roth

In this second of the trilogy, the dystopia that was Chicago moves closer to an inevitable war. 

Picking up where Divergent left off, Roth explains little of the first story, making it imperative that they are read in order.  After escaping from the simulation-controlled factions, Tris, Tobias, Marcus, Caleb, and Peter all head toward Erudite headquarters to both make sense of what has happened and to plan for the future.  There are many twists awaiting them, including the Factionless, now ready to join the inevitable war, secrets held by Marcus, and in the center, the mystery of the Divergents themselves.

Tris is still the steady, unrestrained heroine, now so torn after killing her best friend Will, that she cannot hold or fire a gun.  Her romance with Tobias is so much like the roller coaster at Riverside Park, we are reminded that she is, after all, a sixteen-year-old girl. 

We race to the end so fast, we forgive the gaping holes in the story.  For example, if Jeanine knew the "truth," why was she so anxious to destroy the Divergents?  This middle story of the trilogy gives us much more than a bridge to the third.  It is an exciting ride on it's own and leaves us wanting the final thought-provoking episode.

Heavy kissing, off-stage sex.  Recommended for readers ages 13 to adult.  (mjh)

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