Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Purity  by Jackson Pearce
Just before 10-year-old Shelby's mom died, she made Shelby promise three things:  to love and listen to her father.  To love as much as possible.  And to live without restraint. 

Now Shelby is 16, and her father has asked Shelby to join him in attending the Princess Ball, an annual father-daughter event that culminates with the girls taking a vow of purity.  Shelby panics at the thought of a conflict between Promise One and Promise Three--how can she live an unrestrained life if she vows to live a pure life?

Aided by her friends, Shelby tries to exploit a loophole in the process by losing her virginity before taking the purity vow...but she has mixed feelings. 

Although the plot sounds fluffy, this story is filled with great characters.  I laughed frequently, and needed a hanky for the final chapter.  Purity is a quick, fun read, recommended for readers ages 14 and up.

On-page but non-graphic sex; no cussing, no blood, no violence, some under-age drinking.

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