Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Bad Boy Can Be Good For a Girl

A Bad Boy Can Be Good For A Girl by Tanya Lee Stone

Josie is a strong, opinionated, self-assured freshman when the popular senior jock asks her out. She falls for his charm, and finds herself amazed at her own hormonal response to him...until the guy dumps her because she won't "put out." Furious, hurt, feeling stupid and rejected, Josie finds solace in Judy Blume's Forever, a book about teens, love, and sex. In the blank endpapers of the school library's copy of Forever, Josie writes a warning to other girls about the guy who "only wants one thing."

Nicolette has always used boys--not the other way around. But when she meets up with the same popular boy, she finds herself drawn deeply into a one-sided relationship with him--sexual, but secret. She thinks she's in love...until he drops her. Nicolette's rage is powerful and true--and she records her feelings and opinions alongside Josie's in the blank pages of Forever.

Time has passed, but this guy hasn't changed his approach. When he breaks up with Aviva following their disappointing night together, she joins the ranks of girls who find solidarity in the scribbled margins of Forever.

Written in verse form, this hot, topical novel is a quick, vital, and sometimes painful book to read. Josie is the most eloquent of the girls--and her desire to take action in response to a horrible experience is brave and laudable. If only more library books had similar annotations--think how many mistakes we all might avoid!

A few cuss words and sex scenes with "details" make this book rated PG-13; recommended for readers ages 14 and up.

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