Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Eternal by Cynthia Lietich Smith

Guardian Angel Zachary is attached to his subject, Miranda. He is so attached, in fact, that when she is scheduled for death at age 17, Zachary steps in to block the fall that will kill her...and inadvertently causes her to be transformed into a vampire and thus probably damned for all eternity.

Stripped of his wings and his heavenly power, the angel Zachary seeks redemption not only for himself but also for the vampire Miranda. Is it possible that the newest daughter of Dracula has retained part of her mortal soul?

Quirky character, zing-y one-liners, sweet touches of romance and plenty of vampires. This book will be popular with the vampire-loving crowd and anyone else who enjoys a sweet story with lots of love and blood. Some minor cussing and mostly-off-page sexual situations, recommended for ages 14 to adult.

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