Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Derby Girl

Derby Girl by Shauna Cross

Bliss has plenty of reasons to be unhappy. After all, she doesn't live with hip parents who understand her, in a socially-savvy city on the coast where she can shop for her favorite indie clothes and music. Instead, she lives in a small backwater Texas town where the music is "all country, all the time" and top social honors are reserved for beauty queens with gigantic hair.

Then Bliss discovers roller derby and almost immediately she lies about her age, gives herself a "derby name" and joins the team. Her life as a derby girl, complete with fishnet stockings, wild makeup, wild parties, and a brand-new boyfriend with great taste in music brings Bliss more happiness she ever envisioned....until her parents find out. And her best friend gets mad. And she gets busted for being under-age.

But there's still that great boyfriend....right?

All the leaping, diving, blocking, spinning, blood, and orneriness you expect from a sassy girl with pent-up energy to burn. Some cussing, underage partying, and sexual situations.

Recommended for readers who want some action in their fiction, ages 14 to adult.Click here for more information about roller derby in the Seattle area: the Rat City Rollergirls!

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