Tuesday, October 6, 2009

King of the Screwups

King of the Screwups by K.L. Going

16-year-old Liam takes after his retired-supermodel mom: he is athletic, good-looking, and has inherited her eye for fashion. However, according to his dad, Liam is a continual disappointment, a slacker, a screw-up. When Liam is caught in the act with a girl on his dad's office desk, he gets kicked out of the house and goes to live with his "Aunt Pete," a cross-dressing glam-rocker who lives in a trailer park. In his new surroundings, Liam tries harder than ever to earn his dad's approval -- concentrating so much on what his father wants him to be that he cannot recognize his real strengths and talents until he nearly screws up his life for good.

Awesome, quirky characters in a small town where everybody knows the business of everybody else (at least, they think they do). Liam is likeable, Aunt Pete is terrific, the glam-rockers are supportive and fun, the class nerds are enjoyable, and even the school jocks and cheerleaders are people worth knowing. Only Liam's dad lacks virtues....or does he?

Recommended for ages 14 to adult. No sex on-page (the incident in the office is interrupted while the kids are still half-dressed), some minor cuss words, some underage drinking, and at the end, enough redemption to leave the reader smiling.

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